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Custom Design GPS Cordinates

We choose from our in stock beautiful woods of Beech, Maple, Cherry, and Butternut.


A)Size 1/4" Thick x 2" Wide x 6 1/2" Long - $16.87 + Free shipping
B)Size 1 3/8" Wide x 11-12" Long - $34 + Free shipping
C)Size 1 3/4" Wide x 11-12" Long - $38 + Free shipping
D)Size 2" Wide x 11-12" Long - $44 + Free shipping

*Measurements are approximate because this item is handcrafted

To Order Email us with the address you want engraved as a GPS Cordinate.


Get a beautiful piece of hardwood maple with cherry engraved hummingbirds! Makes a great decoration for around the house.


Length: 15 inches
Width: 3.75 inches
Thickness: 1/4 inch
*Measurements are approximate because this item is handcrafted

Price: $35 + $8.50 shipping

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Wood Engraving Services

Here at ArtWood Enterprises your wood engraving experience is our number one priority. We have laser engraved wood art for every occasion you can think of. If there's something you can't find in stock just send us a custom order request and we will be happy to provide a free quote! If you can dream it, we can design it! All orders in stock ship for free.


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Wood Engraving Services

Based in Olympia, Washington there is never a shortage of beautiful wood to create custom laser engraved key-chains, coasters, pendants, plaques, portraits and novelties. Our wood engravers are are highly skilled in producing the highest quality laser art with Washington wood.

You will find something for every occasion in our extensive product catalog! If you don't just head over to our custom engraving section and create your own. The possibilities are endless.

Our Catalog

New Collection


Custom Designs


Do Even More With Custom Laser Art!

ArtWood Enterprises creates the finest laser art using only the highest class of technology for laser engraving. We begin our process as soon as we receive your order. After treating and sanding the wood to a smooth finish we feed the wood into our EPILOG MINI/HELIX - MODEL 8000 laser engraver and fire it up. This model of Epilog engraver not only etches 2d laser art, also has the ability to complete 3d wood engravings! After we finish engraving your project we ship it to you at no cost! Click the button below to start your custom laser art project today!

Custom Engraving


Custom Wood Designs

Our partners and us have created a multitude of designs that we keep in stock and on hand for our customers. We are very meticulous in the design and fabrication process because we take extreme pride knowing our wood engravings may be in your house or office!


Laser Art Projects

We make personalized laser art engravings that allow your ideas to become a reality! The natural beauty of wood engravings is long lasting and will let your cherished memories with-stand time.


Recycled Wood In Lb's

We create elegant wood engravings using Washington's reclaimed wood from the highest quality contributors. Sculpting your hearts desires using the finest recycled oak, cherry and maple woods is our way of saying that we care about planet earth!

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